Secrets (Dreaming of Kate blog)

One of the frustrating parts of my job is having to keep secrets. Not state secrets, life threatening secrets or anything major like that, but sometimes we have to work on things before we can tell the public what we’re up to. And it can be frustrating to not being able to share what currently keeps you occupied day and night.

One thing I can now finally reveal: we are working on a second Dreaming of Kate show. One that we have been considering for a while now, as requested by some of our fans after having seen me play the piano: an unplugged show. Truthfully, it won’t be 100% unplugged, but it will have that intimate feel we all associate with the term ‘unplugged’. I will be behind the piano/keyboard the whole evening. No dancing, no costumes, but just creating a wonderful atmosphere with my fellow musicians.

To be fair: I am nervous for our upcoming try out. I have accompanied myself on the grand piano in some of the biggest theatres in the UK and The Netherlands, but never more than a couple of songs. And I have never been the keyboard player in a full band before. On the other hand: I am looking forward to these shows, as these shows will be even more up close and personal than our theatre show. Plus it will bring us to venues that we like a lot but couldn’t play before with our full show. Like Alexander’s in Chester, where we will be playing our first try out two weeks from today.

I’ll keep it short for now; I should get back behind the piano… Hope to see you all soon!

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